About the Project

20 Collaborations In Book Art II, 2016

Since the first iteration of 20 Collaborations In Book Art in 2014, the collaborative process has been expanded in a unique and wonderful way. I am still the driving force behind the project, working closely with the 20 selected artists to produce one of a kind artist books. In most of the finished works, I have been responsible for the binding, custom enclosures, as well as contributing some of the visual art. However, in this 2nd round I wanted to broaden the idea of collaboration to include pairings between creators that didn't involve me directly, especially when the nascent collaborative ideas started to include media I have no expertise in, such as video or metal work. I worked with 3 generations of women, a grandmother, mother, and granddaughter on one single book and called upon friends and colleagues to join in on many of the works in progress. So while there are 20 one of a kind works in this exhibit, there are more than 29 artists and creatives involved in this project.

Each and every participant has truly embraced the spirit and the ultimate goal of the project, to bring book art to a wider audience as well as demonstrate the creative potential within all artists to utilize the book form. The resulting 20 works challenge us to not only define what an artist book is, but how visual, literal, and personal narratives can be explored.

This exhibit represents over one year of work and collaboration. It challenged all involved and forced each and every one of us out of our comfort zone.

-Britt E. Stadig

Special Thanks from Britt

To all participants for their beautiful work, willingness to agree to be a participant in my crazy project, and the trust they placed in me during our yearlong collaboration.

To the Nashville Public Library for affording me a venue to showcase 20 Collaborations In Book Art II for a second time!

To the gallery director emeritus, Liz Coleman for trusting whole-heartedly that the resulting work would be amazing.

To Amanda McCadams, a partner from day one. This exhibit could not be complete without her outstanding design and production of the 20 Collaborations in Book Art website. There are no words to accurately reflect my gratitude…

To Mark Mosrie for his time and talents as the photographer of works produced. Mark opened his studio to us and labored over each and every artist book to document the full experience each book affords.

To Scott Thom for his support and project assistance throughout the year. I could not have pulled this off without him.

To the amazing Chris Cheney and Nieves Uhl of Sawtooth Printshop, Katie Baldwin, Tim Brown, Jaron Jackson, and Phillip Lacy for their outstanding artistic contributions to the project. Their talents and skills elevated this exhibit.

To Caitlin Arabis - Showroom and Accounts Manager of Manuel American Designs and

Tyler George – Tailor, for all of their help coordinating and participating in my collaboration with Manuel.

To Anna Pandorf for all of her help coordinating my collaboration with Gillian Welch. Anna became very much a part of the process. Tim Brown and I could not have created this book without her.


Project Credits

Liz Coleman...Gallery Director Emeritus
Amanda McCadams, McCadams Creative...Website Design and Development
Mark Mosrie, Mark Mosrie Photography...Photographer
Nashville Public Library ...Venue
Scott Thom...Assistant Project Manager

Thanks to The Frist Center For Visual Arts for loaning two cases for the exhibit. Their generous support made displaying the oversized works possible.

Project Funding

No money was exchanged for 20 Collaborations in Book Art II. Other than the artists being responsible for their own materials, the project was not funded or sponsored by any outside parties. This collaborative project relied on all participants to lend their talents and skills purely for the love of making art and the project itself.

About the website

Fully experience all of the works as you make your way through the gallery.

Use the touch screen or your smart phone or tablet!

You can also read about the project, access all of the artists’ bios and project statements, and see the first 20 Collaborations In Book Art – 2014 if you missed the exhibit.

Though the project was created and developed by me, I certainly couldn’t have pulled it off alone. The work produced utilizes technology in order to connect the audience with the individual pieces.  Book art exhibitions are usually limited to one page spreads and kept behind plexiglass. This is the only way to protect the art in a gallery setting.  The downside to this though is that the viewer cannot fully experience the book. For 20Collaborations to overcome that dilemma each book in this project was photographed and a website was created so that viewers have the ability to access all pages and details of each book on their personal smartphones or tablets. Mark Mosrie of Mark Mosrie Photography and Amanda McCadams of McCadams Creative are the brains and talent behind this part of the project. The web site component of the exhibit is a crucial part of the viewing experience. I would not have been able to make this project a biennial without having Mark and Amanda on my team.